Characteristics of industrial polyacrylamide-water purifier
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Polyacrylamide, water purification agent, polyacrylamide product product features;

Polyacrylamide, water purification agent, polyacrylamide product product features;

※ Large flocs are formed quickly, the alum flowers are large and dense, the sludge amount is small and the flocculation and settling speed is fast;

※Dissolve quickly and completely, without insoluble matter (fish eyes); the powder state product dissolves in about 60 minutes;

※Economical and practical - small dosage, good effect, high dehydration rate; low operating cost, low dosage can produce effective effects and high dehydration performance, very economical;

※Excellent filtration and dehydration properties improve the dehydration effect of sludge;

※Can automatically feed; easy to handle.

Special flocculant polyacrylamide for coal washing plants; special polyacrylamide for coal washing. Coal washing wastewater in the coal industry, coal slime water in coal preparation plants, ground washing wastewater in coal-fired power plants, etc. are all mixtures of water and fine coal powder. Their main characteristics are: The turbidity is high, the particle size of the solid matter is fine, and the surface of the solid particles is mostly negatively charged. The repulsion between the same charges keeps these particles dispersed in the water, and is affected by gravity and Brownian motion;

Due to the interaction between solid particle interfaces in coal slime water (such as adsorption, dissolution, chemical combination, etc.), the properties of coal washing wastewater are quite complex, not only having the properties of suspension, but also having the properties of colloids.

Due to the above reasons, coal washing wastewater is difficult to clarify naturally, and after sedimentation, the supernatant of this type of wastewater is still a black liquid with a large amount of coal slime and other suspended solids, which contains various additives and heavy metals and other harmful substances used in the coal preparation process. substance. A large amount of coal washing wastewater is not discharged up to standard, causing water pollution, river siltation, and coal slime loss, causing great economic losses. It also makes the coal industry more scarce in water resources, seriously restricting the development of coal production. Therefore, the development of coal washing wastewater is highly efficient. New technologies and new processes for processing are of great significance.